Sunday, March 16, 2014

Another chick who no longer has chicken skin

(The image in this photograph appears exactly as it is pictured.  This is not a model.  This is not a paid actor.  This is not photoshopped.  This is not a stock image, but a real photo sent in by a really happy Hummingbird Farms Bath&Body customer.) 

This very happy customer sent us her before and after picture of her “chicken skin” on the back of her arm after ONE WEEK of using Hummingbird Farms No. 6 Body Oil once a day.  What an improvement!

This is what our very happy customer had to say: 

"Do any of my FB friends have "chicken skin" on their arms? I know I have had it practically my whole life. I have tried numerous products to get rid of it with no luck. I was always self conscious about it while wearing sleeveless tops. However, I have found the miracle product! The picture below is a before & after of using Hummingbird Farms Lavender BodyOil on my arms daily for 1 week. After I get out of the shower, I put 2-4 sprays in my hands, rub them together, and slather it on my arms. A little goes a long way! It's gotten rid of my bumps and the redness in my arms. I would recommend this product to everyone!! I love it!"

A lot of chicks buy our bath & body products.  That would be chicks of the human persuasion.  But just because you are a chick, you should not have to suffer with chicken skin.  Many humans are afflicted by chicken skin, which is that red, irritating, dry, itchy, bumpy skin on the back of your arms. 

When we set out to develop our No. 6 Body Oil, I had no idea that my own chicken skin was actually common and even had a real medical name known as Keratosis Pilaris.  Who knew? Come to find out, 50% of the entire world’s population has chicken skin on the back of their arms. 

Now I can’t make any medical claims because, well – Hummingbird Farms is not a medical company and I am just a chick, not a doctor, but for what it’s worth, No. 6 Body Oil has certainly helped my chicken skin as well as many of our now non-chicken skin customers.  

You can read more about our No. 6 Body Oil here, but just in case you want to know what it is made of, it is very simple.  It is 6 fabulous oils loaded with anti-oxidants:  Sunflower Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Essential Oil of Lavender, Grape Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, and Jojoba Seed Oil. 

At Hummingbird Farms we aim to please the natural way! As we always say, what we put ON our bodies is equally as important as what we put IN our bodies. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Some synthetics might look like a duck and quack like a duck, but…..

The talk of the use of antibacterial soap was big news last week.  Well – it was until something about a duck and a dynasty trumped all other news.

So in case you missed it, HERE is what you missed. 

Is there truth to what has been debated for over a decade now regarding antibacterial soap? I am one that strayed from antibacterial soaps about ten years ago because, well for one – I built a whole company around using essential oils in lieu of synthetics.  

I had to walk my talk. 

Hummingbird Farms No 307 Hand Soap with Lavender & Rosemary
Through my research I learned that essential oils offer antibacterial benefits the natural way.   Did you know that lavender and rosemary is a natural antibacterial? Both are naturally anti-septic and anti-fungal.  We don’t need chemicals to smell nice, sanitize our skin, or moisturize our skin.  In fact, if you are using too many chemicals for these purposes, then you are going to find yourself in a vicious cycle.  You will find that you keep using synthetic products to combat the dryness because the said product really does provide a “feeling” of softness (and it smells really nice with all that synthetic fragrance), but it is only a temporary feeling of softness, so you keep reapplying to only find that you keep using more and more because for some reason your skin just keeps getting drier and drier if you don’t use it.   What has happened is that you have lost all the essential balance your skin needs and traded it for a temporary feeling of softness.  You have disrupted what is natural with a bottle of chemicals.

There are concerns of what is happening to our immune systems with all these synthetics, and clearly, something has drastically changed regarding autoimmune diseases in the last couple of decades.  
Allow essential oils like lavender and rosemary serve as your natural antibacterial, not foreign, lab created chemicals that your immune system doesn’t understand.   

Let nature take care of you.  

Kind of like a duck does. 

But if you are a duck, be cautious of that synthetic duck commander call.  

It might quack like a duck, but…..